Memory Leaks on ESP8266

使用 ESP8266 的时候,总是觉得不稳定,一开始怀疑自己写的 HTTP Server 可能不够健壮。后来改用 aREST 发现也是如此:刷完代码后启动 ESP 模块,然后访问 HTTP Server,工作正常。如此往复几次,发现都还正常,但是持续测试就会坚持不了多久无法得到响应。通过 debug 发现内存会在每次请求完成响应后有规律的减少。

ESP8266 hangs/stops responding when sent commands from different devices #83
Memory loss of 184 bytes at each request #2332
Lwip addons (#2260)

不过目前这个 Fixed 版本仍然只存在于 git 版本中,需要我们自己下载并编译。

其实早几个月前我已经跟踪并解决了这个问题,只是 Github 并不支持查看订阅的 issues 列表,所以怕又忘了,在此做个记录。

VirtualBox with bridged networking on Windows 10

VirtualBox Version: 5.1.8 r111374 (Qt5.5.1)
Windows 10 Version: 1607 (14393.447)
Guest OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Issue: bridged adapter not selected

I’ve tried many times uninstall/reinstall VirtualBox, and with Run as An Administrator or Compatibility mode, but none of them are help.

Finally got this from google:

Steps (slightly different from above link):
Open Control Panel >> Network and Internet >> Network Connections
Change Adapter Settings (e.g. WLAN or Ethernet)
Open “Properties…” of the physical adapter you need to bridge to
Click “Install…”
Choose “Service”
Install the “VirtualBox Bridged Networking Driver”
If prompted for a directory to install from, it’s “drivers\network\netLwf” inside the folder VirtualBox is installed (e.g. C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\drivers\network\netLwf)

Done (w/o reboot).

Flash / Update BIOS of GIGABYTE BRIX Pro GB-BXi7-4770R on Mac OS Sierra

Preparing bootable DOS USB disk:

Download from the official gigabyte website, uncompress it with name F7_BIOS and put into FreeDOS bootable USB disk.

Before flashing we must go to BIOS to enable “CMS” (Nebiker Christian’s note).

Reboot BRIX Pro with USB disk:

GIGABYTE BRIX Pro GB-BXi7-4770R BIOS Downloads

FreeDOS prebuilt bootable USB flash drive image

Creating a Bootable USB on a Mac for Flashing The BIOS on an HP N40L Microserver

Installation Notes of Debian 7.6

– Download Debian: debian-7.6.0-i386-DVD-1.iso (by .torrent is the fastest from my experience)
– Preparing an USB disk

The left things are normal installation steps, just watch your screen and click the “next”.

However, I found some issues exactly liking below:

But I wasn’t aware of that at the first time, thus I installed the version of amd64 and i386 lxde by DVD drive, none of them work as expected. After wasting lots of time, fortunately I found the above links and installed that latest backport kernel to get a fix.

Error: upgrade Ubuntu desktop to 13.04 from 12.10

Unfortunately my Ubuntu version 12.10 has been unsupported for a while, and some weird annoying problems begin to crop up. Obviously there’s no hope to stay, but I got an error on execution of do-release-upgrade:

Some search results from Google say

would help, but it’s not.

The final correct way to get us out there is to add following two lines to /etc/apt/sources.list:

Now we can happy with them: